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About us

Over 30 Years of experience in the Marine Industry in Virginia... all of it, ready to be put to work for you!

We are known in Virginia for our integrity and our work ethic. For over 30 years our team has been working in the local marine industry. We have been active in marine construction, home construction and boat and service throughout the Tidewater area... and now, we are proud to offer the Touchless Boat Cover®. We carry a Class A construction license as well, so if you are building a new dock, or simply housing your boat... we can help protect your investment from the harsh elements and ensure your boat or watercraft a long life of enjoyment on the water!

The Touchless Cover Story:

As with any boater who is passionate about the boating lifestyle, we understand how important time on the water is and the value of our boats. As avid boaters we recognized the need for a system to get on the water fast and protect our boats in the harsh marine environment. In 1998 we created The Touchless Boat Cover®. This multi-patented product was a one of a kind true boating solution and quickly became the talk of the town. We pioneered and defined the automatic boat cover industry.


Leading the industry for more than 20 years, we continually evolve and refine our product to meet the ever-changing needs of boat owners. This commitment has established our reputation as the strongest, fastest, and most reliable marine covering system on the market. The Touchless Boat Cover® is custom designed and handmade right here in America. We operate out of our 20,000 square foot facility in Orlando, Florida and have close to 100 dealers throughout the USA and abroad. Our customers constantly tell us how our Touchless Boat Covers® have changed their lives, allowing them more time on the water and quality time with their families and friends. What better way to end a day of boating than to cover your boat with just the touch of a button.

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